Waterproofing Services in Goa with 100% Solutions
Parkar Construction as Waterproofing experts in Goa offer client’s world class quality services in waterproofing. We provide 100% solution on all types of leakage problems. Whatever your leakage problem in Goa, however bad the seepage problem in your property, Parkar Construction can deliver 100% waterproofing solutions for all types of water damaged structures anywhere in Goa.

Residence, Commercial to Industrial, we serve & service all
We extend our services from household to industrial sectors. All the residential, commercial and industrial structures in Goa are built with the aid of Civil Construction. Waterproofing is part & parcel of the building, engineering and civil construction industry of Goa. Water damage can affect and impact any type of building structure in Goa, hence Parkar Construction as www.goawaterproofingsolutions.com provides their experience & expertise in the field of waterproofing to all types of customers suffering from rain damage and other water damage to their expensive properties, be it residential or commercial.

Any condition, any type, any age and any location in Goa
Parkar Construction provides waterproofing services & solutions for all types of roof to any height, vertical walls, retaining wall, basement areas, lift areas, toilet sunken slabs, overhead water tanks, sump water tank, swimming pools etc.

Accuracy, Accountability and Authenticity

Waterproofing is a job of detecting the entry point of water and the exit points of water where the damage can be literally seen. Every building structure is continuously battered with climatic conditions and annual monsoon rains. It’s very important to accurately detect the entry points of water seepage which creates a path for water to leak and damage the structure.
We also provide our services to resolve all leakage problem of all types of old structure with accountability.  We are well known for completing the work within time schedule in all seasons.
As part of our waterproofing services in Goa, we only use authentic waterproofing products. We are also the authorized stockist & applicator for Dr. Fixit Pedilite Industries in Goa and have earned the satisfaction of our clients as one of the well known structural waterproofing specialists & waterproofing consultants in Goa.

Our main services include.

Waterproofing (surface application)
Wide variety of treatments is commercially available for surface-applications in waterproofing treatment for concrete structures that is used to protect against the ingress of water.

Some applications come as dry powder that when mixed with water becomes a coating that is applied to the inner & outer sides of a concrete structure. These can be applied by hand brush or hand roller or by pressure spray guns.

Pressure Guniting.
To many construction people the word Guniting is used interchangeably with “shotcrete”.

What is Guniting?
The term, “Guniting” was used to describe a newly developed technique in US in which concrete (dry or wet) was used to be sprayed under pressure through a spray-gun at high velocity onto a civil construction surface. Since the material was sprayed through a gun, the term gunite seems to have surfaced.

It is Guniting when concrete shot is dry......
The dry-mix procedure involves mixing cement and aggregates (fine or both fine & coarse aggregates) totally dry in a bin, rig etc and then pumping the same through a hose or pipe pneumatically (using compressed air by a high powered compressor) under high pressure to a nozzle (the spray-gun).  Water is introduced to the dry mix only at the nozzle (by means of a water feeding line) just before the mix blasts off the nozzle at a high velocity onto the civil construction surface being treated.

It is shotcrete when concrete shot is wet.......
It is Shotcrete when the wet-mix procedure involves spraying of a pre-mixed or ready-mixed (wet) concrete or mortar under high pressure and at high velocity eliminating the need of adding any water in the nozzle or the spray-gun. 

Membrane pasting.
ZYCOPRIME forms water resistant cementations bonding coat and reduces porosity of structure. It acts as an excellent bonding agent for improving adhesion of concrete / plaster on Zycosil treated surfaces (plaster / slab)

Cementations work like plaster, screed on horizontal and vertical surfaces viz. roofs, sunken areas, tiling, retaining walls.

ELASTOBAR is used to form on-site seamless cross linked elastomeric membrane barrier on the concrete. It seals micro / macro cracks and pores. Cracks can be filled by mixing with cement and sand. The 100% acrylic composition ensures excellent UV stability, high strength and elongation 200-250%.

Slab Roof Terrace, Sunken, Balconies & Utilities, Podiums, Water Tanks and STP (Sewage Treatment Plants), Basements, Retaining Walls, Water Reservoirs etc.

For steel anti corrosion chemical application
Steel Anti-corrosion refers to the fortification & protection of metal surfaces from corroding in high-risk (corrosive) surroundings.
When metallic equipment & supplies are put into corrosive settings, they are likely to have chemical reactions with the air and/or water. The effects of corrosion become obvious on the outside exteriors of these materials. For example, after keeping iron in a corrosive environment for a long period, the iron starts rusting due to oxygen interaction with water on the iron's surface.

As a result of this, metal equipment missing any preventive (anti-corrosive) measures, may happen to get rusted both inside and out, depending upon atmospheric settings and how much of that equipment is exposed to the open air. Anti-corrosion measures are of particular importance in environments where high humidity, mist, and salt are factors, such as coastal places like Goa which has high salt content around beach areas and is always high in humidity.

Other Services:

  • Rehabilitation & restoration for old hollow concrete.
  • Anchor & rebar fixing.


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