Effect of Monsoon Rains of Goa on Building Structures

  • Creates Dampness on internal walls & excessive Humidity within the structure.

  • Excessive wetness leads to moulds and fungus on walls and insects' presence – this can lead to health problems like asthma, skin allergies, rashes, etc

  • Expensive Interior wall paints get peeled off.

  • Due to Monsoon leakages & seepage’s appearance on interiors and exteriors gets dull and damaged.

  • Spalling concrete or plaster – negatively impacts life and value of the building property.

How Parkar Construction provides Waterproofing Services in Goa

Waterproofing Consultation
Interested customer can visit Mr. Rajaram Parkar at his office located in the central business city of Goa at Ponda. The city of Ponda being centrally situated in the heart of Goa, the waterproofing office of Parkar Construction is easily accessible by Goan customers from Panjim and beyond in the North and from Margao city and beyond in the South.

Visit to Parkar Construction office in Ponda for waterproofing consultation is optional. Clients & customers can opt for a brief consultation over the phone on 9326110534

Site Visit
For providing effective waterproofing solutions, a dedicated site visit is very important and a must to understand the amount and extent of damage to the civil structure. The owner & proprietor of Parkar Construction personally does the site evaluation work along with his team of waterproofing technicians.

Leakage Evaluation
From the dedicated site visit, Parkar Construction will be able to do a proper leakage evaluation of the damaged property. The full property will be examined internally as well as externally to detect the entry points where rain water or other water is seeping through.

Implementing Solutions
Parkar Construction of Ponda, Goa will be providing a variety of waterproofing solutions that can be implemented to protect your expensive property from further leakage and seepage damage.

Some Methods of Waterproofing are:

Chemical Coating
Structure Repairs
Sealant Application
Roof Insulation System
Khadi Mal Waterproofing
Geo textile Waterproofing
Traditional Brick-Bat Coba Waterproofing
Drilling and Pressure Grouting (Injection Method)
Membrane Waterproofing (Torch applied bitumen base)
China Mosaic Waterproofing (Kavadi Waterproofing)
Elastomeric Exterior Waterproof coatings
External Crack-filling and W-P Coating
Fleece Membrane Waterproofing
EPDM membrane application
IPS Ghotai Waterproofing
APP membrane application
Chemical Waterproofing


Contact Parkar Construction in Goa for Waterproofing Solutions
Parkar Construction, Office No 16, Second Floor, Ponda Commerce Center, Tisk, Ponda, Goa – 403401.


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